Blu & Green was founded so you don't have to choose between efficacious hair care and styling products, and clean ingredients and packaging. Indulge in beauty without compromise.

You look good.

We innovate for all hair types.
Rethinking your beauty needs with body and spirit in mind. All while optimizing hair health and letting you be your best self. No compromises.

You feel good.

You should be proud of the products you choose. Our products give you amazing hair without compromising your values.

Without a trace.

Our innovative formulas are created to exist without the requirement of plastic packaging. We aim to make our packaging as simple as possible to deal with after use, wherever in the world you go.

Daily water contaminants stress our drinking water, our food production, and the balance of nature. This is true around the world and why all of our products must perform at the highest level while being biodegradable.


Plastic is a global problem.

We believe that learning how to live without plastic wherever possible is imperritive to a cleaner future.

You already know that traditional plastics are synthetic chemicals that don’t belong in our world, are toxic for people and for the environment and remain in tact for decades to centuries.

Recycling is most effective with paper products, glass and metals as they can be broken down and reused with almost no noticeable changes in durability or usability. This is not true of plastic.

Traditional plastics are made from petroleum (oil) which is processed into the polymers we know as plastics and cannot be transformed back into its original form.

Bio-plastics are also processed into polymers but are made from cleaner renewable sources. Bio-based/biodegradable materials and conventional plastics are similarly toxic. Also, because there are so many different types, disposing of
bioplastics is complicated. Generally bioplastics cannot be recycled so they end up contaminating the plastic recycling collection, and some require industrial composting but not all industrial bio-waste plants take all bio plastics.

It’s confusing.

This is why we use packaging that is made from recycled materials, is accepted by most recycling programs around the world, and/or can be home-composted. We are always looking for a better solution and will incorporate new
innovations as they become available.

Being true to our values with B-Corp


Always non-toxic with Made Safe


Caring for living things by being Cruelty Free


Giving our share with 1% for the Planet